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FamilyTree: Journey into Jewish Values

Hosted By: The Lab Shul

Child-centered and parent-guided, FamilyTree is a community-building experience driven by dynamic learning and shared values.

The first four week semester is diving into food! We are how we eat, and the Lab Shul is exploring how we arrive at our table, taking a whirlwind global food tour, and closing with a dive into the Purim story.

During each four-week semester, families are guided by weekly interactive videos, impactful conversation prompts and activities to thoughtfully and creatively continue the exploration of week’s teaching. Families then gather weekly on Sunday mornings in our “virtual garden” to connect with their fellow families, sing, share reflections, and watch their trees bloom.

With Lab/Shul’s unique God-optional approach to tradition, text, and story, FamilyTree is open to those who identify as Jewish, Jew-ish, and those who love them.

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