Restore Yourself

A few months ago I realized I hadn’t been myself for a long time. I’d been under a lot of stress ...

What I Learned From Test-Driving A Tesla

I would much rather hop in a carpool or take public transportation than drive a car myself.

Even the Secular New Year Calls for Teshuvah

Closing 2017 and closing the Book of Genesis.

Spiritual Not Religious at Rosh Hashanah

Shabbat dinner with young university students can be an adventure. My husband and I warm them up with a few ...

Just Do It: A High Holy Day Call to Action

The season of teshuvah is for thinking and feeling, but mainly as springboards for action

Make a Window in the Word

My favorite Hasidic teaching is a teaching about prayer couched in a homily on Noah’s Ark. God tells Noah to make ...

“If!”– Walking Backwards into Elul

This Jewish month is the doorway to the High Holy Days of awe, meaning, introspection and transformation.