Two months ago, I purchased a Dyson vacuum for my daughter for her 25th birthday. She was thrilled and posted ...

My Kids Are Afraid to Go to School

Our ancestors understood that every person has value and deserves to have their rights protected and their basic needs met.

Wandering in the Desert

What we leave behind speaks volumes

What Would Historical African American-Jewish Music Sound Like?

Anthony Russell’s brilliant new album attempts to answer that question.

How Technology Changes Theology

Technology is radically changing how economically valuable human beings are.

5 Jewish Things About Stranger Things

My favorite creepy TV show has me contemplating and connecting with more than I expected

When Faced With Hatred, Do We Stay or Do We Go?

But there came a time when the racism joined with political power was simply too much...

Jewish Sephardi Wedding Recipes and Traditions

A recipe for masapan (marzipan) and details on Sephardi wedding customs.

Salonican Shavuot Traditions

Sephardic memory and tradition at Shavuot.

Making Jewish Life Accessible for All

February is Jewish Disabilities Awareness and Inclusion Month. Join us as we share stories that highlight the impact of inclusion in our camp communities.