Nedarim 28

The law of the land.

Who Was Dinah?

Dinah's debut is as quick as her disappearance in the Torah.

What Happened to Dinah?

Although we’re a bit beyond the portion, there’s been a lot of social media chatter about Dinah – possibly because ...

The Silence of Dinah and Other Rape Victims

The Bible focuses on Jacob's and his son's reactions, but not on those of the victim herself.

The Violation of Dinah; The Violation of our Society

The following is adapted from the drasha (sermon) delivered by Rori Picker Neiss at Bais Abraham Congregation, St Louis, MO ...

Ketubot 109

Let him fly through air.

Ketubot 100

The advantage of the court's power.

Summary of Tractate Ketubot

Laws of marriage contracts and a whole lot more.

Ketubot 91

Share and share alike.