Parashat Bo

Parashat Bo Quiz

How much do you know about Parashat Bo?

Haftarah for Bo

Jeremiah taunts the Egyptians.

Come, My Pretty

Moses managed to come close to Pharaoh, even though Pharaoh posed a threat.

Taking Notice in Our Time

Renewal is possible at every moment.

Pharaoh’s Courtiers

We can identify with Pharaoh's servants--and this need not make us uncomfortable.

The Darkness

The power of the final plagues.

Keeping Faith

Just as the Israelites maintained their faith through nine plagues, we too should develop our ability to have faith in times of darkness.

Learning Through Teaching

By teaching our children about the Exodus, we gain a greater appreciation and more profound understanding of it ourselves.

Parashat Bo: Summary

God brings the final three plagues on the Egyptians; the Israelites leave Egypt and receive the commandment to observe Passover.

Ready For Renewal

Like the Israelites, modern Jews face the challenge of responsibly establishing new guidelines and directions for the Jewish community.