Overcoming Anxiety: Finding Your Inner Rock Star

Anxiety is everywhere and, for students facing academic and social pressures, it can be paralyzing. What is anxiety, and what does it look like?  Aviva Wasserman explains what’s behind the crippling anxiety that many students face, demonstrating that with a little help, all students can learn to face their fears and overcome the most insurmountable challenges.

Aviva represented her school at the Jewish Federation of Greater MetroWest NJ’s Quest for Teaching Excellence Story Slam.

Aviva Wasserman is the Middle School Guidance Counselor at Joseph Kushner Hebrew Academy. Aviva is starting her second year at Kushner, and prior to being at Kushner, spent eight and a half years at a Foster Care agency in New York City as the Assistant Director of a large program working with the most at-risk children and teens within the foster care system. Aviva is a Licensed Clinical Social Worker who is passionate about collaborating with parents and teachers to ensure that the social and emotional needs of each student are met in order to provide them with the best opportunity for academic and social growth. She has expertise in engaging children of all ages to create an open and honest relationship, helping them to achieve their fullest potential. Born and raised in Newton, MA, Aviva holds a degree in Developmental Child Psychology from George Washington University and a Masters in Social Work from Yeshiva University. She lives in Teaneck with her husband and two children.

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