Protecting The Sacredness Of Life

The laws of the Cities of Refuge emphasize the sacredness and infinite value of every human life.

Parashat Pinchas: Summary

God gives Pinchas a covenant of peace; God explains the apportionment of the Land of Israel; the daughters of Tzelophechad petition to inherit their father's portion; Moses appoints Joshua his successor.

Parashat Korach: Summary

Korach and his followers rebel against Moses' and Aaron's leadership and are killed; God instructs Aaron regarding laws of the priesthood.

Civil Disobedience in the Bible

The Bible has a number of models for nonviolent resistance.

The Ethics of Jewish War

Few traditional sources discuss the ethics of fighting noncombatants, but some Jewish laws of war do display a moral genesis.

Rabbinic Limitations on War

Deuteronomy 20 permits wars of aggression, but the talmudic rabbis made it difficult to declare one.

Defensive War

When lives are at stake, Judaism permits--and probably requires--fighting.

Two Types of Jewish War

Judaism distinguishes between commanded wars and permitted wars.

Combat and Conflict in Judaism

Combat and Conflict in Jewish Tradition. Jewish Views on War and Peace. Jewish Ideas and Beliefs.

Exemptions from Military Service in Judaism

An incomplete lifecycle process or an unsuitable attitude may exempt you from service.

Pacifism in Jewish Law

Jewish tradition never embraced complete pacifism, though minimizing violence has always been a priority.

Jewish Ideas of Peace and Nonviolence

In Judaism, peace is not merely the opposite of war, but denotes an ideal state of affairs.