The Ghost

My fascination with New Mexico began in 2007, when I moved to Albuquerque sight unseen to write my first novel,  ...

The Diarist

Before I’d settled on acting or writing, my greatest aspiration was simply to “Be Anne Frank,” and when I was twelve, ...

Returning Home?

The Exodus from Egypt is considered to be the foundational/orienting event for our sacred history. Many commandments are attached to ...

Holocaust Survivors

As the number of Holocaust survivors declines every year, efforts have been made to preserve their testimonies.

Women in Holocaust Literature: Writers & Writings

These women use diaries, memoirs, fiction, and poetry to express their Holocaust experience.

Women in Holocaust Literature: Central Themes

Gender and sexuality are motifs for women Holocaust writers.

Zivia Lubetkin

The political role of one woman in the ghetto and the Zionist Movement.

LaGuardia 1, Hitler 0

Fiorello LaGuradia was a defender of the Jews and a strong opponent of Hitler.

Arthur Szyk: His Brush Was His Sword

"Roosevelt's soldier with a pen."

Polish Jewry Between the Wars

Jewish life in Poland between the wars was characterized by both cultural dynamism and conflict.

The Boys Boys from Brazil

Not a typo: There’s a village in Brazil where one out of every five births produces twins, most of them ...

Nazi Medical Experiments

The drive to create a superior race.