Ancient/Medieval Jewish History

Ancient Judaism 101

From the land of Israel to Diaspora.

Medieval Jewish Attitudes Toward Women

In the Middle Ages, a Jewish woman's social well-being was considered important, but her life was strictly guided by Jewish law.

The Temple and its Destruction

A look into the psyche of ancient Judaism.

Palestine Under Hasmonean Rule

The marriage of politics and religion contributed to both the expansion and destruction of this short-lived dynasty.

The Many Faces of King David

Warrior + yahwist + expansionist + administrator = model king

Maccabean Revolt

The Maccabees fought both the foreign Seleucids and homegrown Hellenism.

King Solomon & His Kingdom

Solomon the Wise, one of King David's three sons, built a truly organized and centralized monarchy.

Conquering Canaan

Joshua and Judges present different versions of the Israelite conquest.

Expulsion and Readmission

Medieval European Jewry repeatedly faced banishment for both economic and religious reasons.

Passover and Blood Libel in the Middle Ages

The joy of the holiday is overshadowed by anti-Semitic violence.

Sephardic Jews in Amsterdam

Amsterdam became a haven for Jewish refugees from the Inquisition.

Medieval Jewish History, 632 to 1650

Jews living under Islamic and Christian rule.