Jewish Theater and Dance

Sara Levi-Tanai

Taking ancient Yemenite moves to create modern dances.

The History of Jewish Dance

Jewish dance from the Bible to Hasidism.

American Jewish Theater

A history of Jewish theater in America.

Redefining Modern Dance

New York's 92nd Street YM-YWHA helped broaden American dance to embrace multiculturalism and diversity.

Artistic Dance in Israel

Turning away from tradition and establishing its own roots.

Israeli Theatre

A culmination of foreign and native influences.

The Israeli-Palestinian Conflict on Stage

Play exposes emotions of the "other."

Arthur Miller’s Focus

In his only novel, Arthur Miller explored contemporary anti-Semitism.

Arthur Miller’s Jewish Themes

Judaism and Jewish identity in the work of Arthur Miller.

Anna Sokolow: Dancer and Choreographer

An American Jewish artist with an international legacy.

Theatre in the Nazi Concentration Camps

Creativity and resistance in Dachau and Buchenwald.