Jewish Theater and Dance

Sara Levi-Tanai

Taking ancient Yemenite moves to create modern dances.

The History of Jewish Dance

Jewish dance from the Bible to Hasidism.

Artistic Dance in Israel

Turning away from tradition and establishing its own roots.

American Jewish Theater

A history of Jewish theater in America.

Redefining Modern Dance

New York's 92nd Street YM-YWHA helped broaden American dance to embrace multiculturalism and diversity.

Theatre in the Nazi Concentration Camps

Creativity and resistance in Dachau and Buchenwald.

Israeli Theatre

A culmination of foreign and native influences.

The Israeli-Palestinian Conflict on Stage

Play exposes emotions of the "other."

Arthur Miller’s Focus

In his only novel, Arthur Miller explored contemporary anti-Semitism.

Arthur Miller’s Jewish Themes

Judaism and Jewish identity in the work of Arthur Miller.

Anna Sokolow: Dancer and Choreographer

An American Jewish artist with an international legacy.