Jewish Film

Jews in Hollywood, 1930-1950

American Jews and the making of the movie industry.

History of American Jewish Humor: The 1980s

Cheers, Family Ties and two characters named Harry and Sally.

Yiddish Film

Produced in Poland and America, Yiddish film captured the diversity and richness of the Yiddish-speaking world.

Mel Brooks

Mel Brooks' humor springs from Jews' outsider status and history of persecution.

Hollywood Jews

Despite the Jewish dominance of Hollywood, Jewish filmmakers were not always comfortable portraying Jewish themes on screen.

Marx Brothers Videos

Some of the best moments from the Marx Brothers' films.

Adam Sandler

The comedian's best Jewish jokes.

The Best of Woody Allen

Highlights from the comedian filmmaker's best films.

Borat in America

Sacha Baron Cohen's satirical look at the United States -- and (fake) Kazakh anti-Semitism.

Top 10 Pop Culture Jewish Prayer Moments

From Gene Wilder to Larry David, we round up our favorite examples of Jewish prayers in film and TV.


A cinematic look at the life of resistance fighters.