Jewish Film

Shari Lewis

A Jewish television puppeteer with a long career.

Jewish Mothers on Television

For the most part, Jewish mothers on television are portrayed in a negative light.

The Nanny

Fran Drescher's show caused controversy for its portrayal of Jews.

Gila Almagor

This Israeli writer, stage actress, and film actress has a complicated identity.

The Goldbergs

At one point, America's favorite family was a Jewish immigrant and her children.

Jon Stewart

Not your ordinary Jewish funny man (okay, maybe he is).

Barbara Streisand’s Yentl

The significance of this 1983 film based on an Isaac Bashevis Singer story.

Israelis on Screen

Blond Hair, Blue Eyes, and a Bad Accent.

Joseph Cedar

Israeli director explores Religious Zionist community to great acclaim.

Bible in Film

Adding to The Good Book's longstanding history on the big screen.

Jewish Film, 1990-Present

A survey of recent American and International Jewish cinema.

Steven Spielberg

From E.T. to Munich, the boy wonder of the movie industry grows up.