Prayer Musings

Refaeinu: Connecting Physical and Spiritual Healing

This prayer for healing included in the weekday Amidah is a reminder that ultimate healing can only come from God.

Viha’arev Nah: Multiple Doorways Into Torah

This short prayer hints at the various ways we encounter Judaism's foundational text.

Re’eh: Seeking Divine Compassion in Times of Suffering

The seventh blessing of the Amidah asks God to see our suffering and redeem us from it.

V’ayrasteech Lee: Binding Ourselves to God

These verses from Hosea describe the bond between God and the Jewish people as akin to the one between husband and wife.

Ein Kamocha: How to Hear Torah in the Modern Age

The prayer we recite when removing the Torah from the ark carries an important lesson about how to understand its ancient words across the expanse of time.

The Amidah: Standing Still to Receive God’s Blessings

The centerpiece of Jewish prayer, recited quietly three times each day, is the meeting place of our human yearnings with God's life-giving energy.

Maariv Aravim: Bringing Awareness to Change

This prayer recited as day turns to night helps to acknowledge moments of transition we often miss.

Asher Yatzar: Gratitude for the Rhythm of Life

The blessing traditionally recited after using the restroom reimagined as praise for the inner drumbeat sustaining the body.