Women & Feminism

Orthodox Women & Religious Leadership

Though the Orthodox rabbinate remains all-male, some Orthodox women have assumed para-rabbinic roles.

Ethiopian Women in Israel

How the lives of Ethiopian Beta Israel women changed when they made aliyah to Israel.

Women in Ethiopian Society

Women in the Beta Israel in Ethiopian society are mainly domestic and have strict purity laws.

Hannah Senesh

How this Hungarian Jew became a national heroine of Israel.

Hasidic Women in the United States

How they are educated and their role in the community.

Regina Jonas

The first female rabbi and how she was almost forgotten.

Jewish Cookbooks

A history from the traditional to the treyf.

Beruriah of Palestine

A scholar in her own right.

Jewish Feminist Ritual

What makes ceremonies specifically for women unique?

Emma Goldman

A profile of the anarchist and lifelong advocate for social justice.

Medieval Jewish Attitudes Toward Women

In the Middle Ages, a Jewish woman's social well-being was considered important, but her life was strictly guided by Jewish law.

Feminist Perspectives on Jewish Studies

Considering the role of gender in producing knowledge about Judaism.