Weddings & Marriage

36 Gorgeous Ketubahs

There are endless ways to decorate the traditional Jewish marriage contract.

How Jewish LGBT Weddings May Improve Straight Ones

Heterosexual couples have much to learn from gay ones when it comes to designing their wedding ceremony.

Alternative Bedeken Ceremonies

For some couples, the bedeken is a chance to set the mood for their wedding ceremony, often in a personalized way.

Alternative Ketubah Texts

Couples can often choose a ketubah text that reflects their values and goals.

The Aufruf, A Pre-Wedding Aliyah

Either the groom or the couple is called up to the Torah for an aliyah on the Sabbath before their wedding.

Jewish Weddings: When and Where They Happen

The details for scheduling traditional Jewish nuptials.

Tips for Planning an Interfaith Wedding

Seven ways to not stand on ceremony.

Jewish Sephardi Wedding Recipes and Traditions

A recipe for masapan (marzipan) and details on Sephardi wedding customs.

What Makes A House A (Jewish) Home?

The mezuzah isn't a finishing touch, but a starting point.

Which Jewish clergy will officiate at interfaith weddings?

Some Jewish clergy perform intermarriages, but not all do.

Levirate Marriage and Halitzah

Ancient customs involving a childless widow.

Jewish Marriage

Jewish marriage is not merely a secular legal partnership, but a union sanctified by God.