Funny, You Don’t Look Jewish

An Ashkenazic Reform Korean rabbi explores her identity.

How to Negotiate Jewish Differences

9 tips to help your family get along, even if members observe Judaism differently.

Tips for Planning an Interfaith Wedding

Seven ways to not stand on ceremony.

The Noahide Laws

Seven commandments which, according to Jewish tradition, are incumbent upon all of humankind.

Honor Non-Jewish Parents of Jewish Kids

Once the interfaith family exists, alienating families that are interfaith but committed to raising Jewish children is not good for Judaism.

Which Jewish clergy will officiate at interfaith weddings?

Some Jewish clergy perform intermarriages, but not all do.

Generational Tension

We need to stop holding children of intermarriage responsible for decisions their parents made.

What Jews Should Know About Christianity

It's time to clear up Jewish misconceptions about Christians.

Blessings from Strangers

Reaching out to interfaith families.

Pinchas and Intermarriage

The Torah portion deals with intermarriage, a phenomenon with contemporary resonance.

Six Unsettling Truths Laid Bare by the Present Violence

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