Jewish Wisdom on Aging

What Jewish texts have to tell us about getting older.


The Obligation to Continue Torah Study in Old Age

Judaism not only demands lifelong learning, but promises that greater life experience will lead to a deeper understanding of what is learned.


6 Essential Reads on Judaism and Aging

These books offer Jewish lessons on fostering sacred connections, growing in spirituality, creating a legacy as we age.

What the Disability Community Can Teach Us All About Getting Older

Declining health need not mean physical or social isolation, a rabbi and disability activist explains.

7 Jewish Programming Innovations — for (and by) Seniors

With LGBTQ chaplains, Jewish camping opportunities for grandparents and synagogue-based senior ‘villages,’ the community is welcoming a new generation of older adults.

Why Jews Hope to Live ‘Until 120’

This common Jewish expression is as much about living well as living long.

How To Interview Your Elders

Judaism places a high value on passing stories from generation to generation. Here’s how to get the most out of your conversations with your parents and grandparents.

Rabbi Dayle Friedman: ‘We Are Missing Both Opportunities and Needs’

An expert on Judaism and aging discusses what the Jewish community gets right and wrong about late life, the importance of intergenerational relationships, and how to approach aging as a spiritual practice.

Abraham Joshua Heschel: ‘Every Moment Is an Opportunity for Greatness’

The great rabbi decried the antipathy for old age and the trivialization of retirement. He urged America to do better.

Why Some Senior Citizens Have a Second Bar Mitzvah

Often held at age 83, the rite is tantamount to a renewal of vows.

The Possibilities — and the Rigors — of Old Age

Our tradition holds space for self-actualization in late life without sugarcoating our inevitable decline. Both are sacred.