Sephardic Food

Jewish Food of the Middle East

For over 1,000 years, Jews have lived in the Middle East, cooking the kind of food that is catching on ...

Roasted Carrots with Tahini, Mint and Pistachios Recipe

There’s something about carrots at the farmers market that I find utterly addictive. I can’t pass them by without buying ...

Quiz: Sephardic Food

How much do you know about food from Sephardic communities?

Ashkenazi Jews Embrace Sephardic Fare

Now that the health benefits of the Mediterranean diet are being realized, American Jewry is embracing Sephardic cooking.

Mediterranean Food

The Jews of Turkey and Greece ate foods inspired by Ottoman cuisine.

Jewish Indian Cuisine

India's three Jewish communities have unique histories and unique cuisines.

Masgouf: Iraqi Fish

The famous fish dish eaten along the Tigris.

Red Sea Cuisine

Jewish foods of Yemen, Ethiopia, and Egypt.