Rosh Hashanah Haftarah: Nehemiah 7:72-:83, 9-11

This alternative Haftarah for Rosh Hashanah used in Reform Judaism describes a Tishrei observance

Denominations: Are They Good For The Jews?

Two scholars question the contemporary relevance of the still- young American Jewish denominations.

Who Was Solomon Schechter?

The namesake for the Conservative day school network was a key scholar who became president of the Jewish Theological Seminary in New York.

The New Pittsburgh Platform (1999)

Pittsburgh Platform Reform. Reform Judaism Renewal. Contemporary Jewish Renewal and Spirituality. Jewish World Today. Contemporary Judaism. Jewish History and Community.

Reform Launches a Worship Revolution

More Hebrew, rituals, and joyful participation called for at 1999 Orlando Biennial.

The Future of American Orthodoxy

An examination of the challenges facing Orthodox Judaism in America

Conservative Judaism Today

Smaller but more committed, the movement is seeing vibrant, sometimes divisive debate as it navigates between tradition and change.

What Hasidic Jews Believe

Though Hasidism is not a homogenous philosophy, there are certain ideas common to its many subgroups.