Ronald L. Eisenberg

Ronald L. Eisenberg, a radiologist and non-practicing attorney, is the author of numerous books, including The Jewish World in Stamps.

Articles by Ronald L. Eisenberg

How to Have an Aliyah

What you should know before you're called to the Torah.

El Maleh Rahamim

A prayer of remembrance.

Shabbat’s Work Prohibition

Traditional do's and don'ts for the Jewish day of rest.

Neilah Service: Closing of the Gates

The concluding service of Yom Kippur.

Zemirot, or Shabbat Table Songs

Learn the most popular songs associated with the day of rest.

The Israeli Flag

Blue and white, and a symbol of the Jewish state.

Prayer as Polemic

Statements of belief through the ages.

The 13 Attributes of Mercy

Asking God for forgiveness.

Avodah Service

Recounting Yom Kippur traditions from the Temple period.

Meal of Consolation (Seudat Havra’ah)

The ritual meal after a Jewish funeral.