Rachel Stern with children

Rachel Stern

Rachel Stern is the former Director of Education at the Goldring/Woldenberg Institute of Southern Jewish Life (ISJL). As of fall 2018, she is Chief Learning & Engagement Officer at Shalom Austin.

Articles by Rachel Stern

Don’t Run To Shame People

Running our mouth to shame someone on social media or elsewhere isn't just rude, it goes against Jewish teachings

The Class I Almost Couldn’t Teach

Even experienced educators can get intimidated by the "I" word.

Can Southern Jewish Hospitality Ever Go Too Far?

Wanting to share your favorite foods is great, but guilting people into eating them isn't

Opening Up A Dor L’Dor

One of the best parts of being a parent for me has been seeing who my kids have become. They ...

Shabbat Shalom – You’re Doing It Wrong!

My family hadn’t been to synagogue in awhile. Even though I’m a Jewish professional myself, it happens—largely because while I ...

Plans for a Successful Inclusive Southern School Year

 Each year all of the religious schools that make up our ISJL education network gather in Jackson, MS for our ...

Holy or Horrible: Can We Force Meaningful Moments?

As a Jewish educator, I teach students of all ages about the sacred moments we will experience throughout our lives ...

Getting More Comfortable With the Culture of Prayer in the South

In the South, people pray a lot. It’s all around us: on TV, on billboards, at football games, even at ...

When Life Hands Us A New Lesson Plan

As teachers, we put a great deal of planning into our lessons. We give a lot of thought to what ...

Wanted: A Master & A Mensch

As part of my job as the Director of Education at the ISJL,  I, along with my staff members, serve ...