Rabbi Ismar Schorsch

Rabbi Ismar Schorsch served as chancellor of the Jewish Theological Seminary.

Articles by Rabbi Ismar Schorsch

Planting for the Future

Parashat Kedoshim teaches us to preserve our natural resources.

Revisiting the Fire Offerings of Israel

Modern commentary and interpretation may ease some discomfort surrounding ancient liturgy.

Shield of Abraham

Gleaning great meaning from the single word this portion gave to Jewish liturgy.

Addressing Our Loved Ones

While God commands Moses, He also calls to him affectionately.

Being Held to a Higher Standard

In biblical times and today, religious leaders must be paragons of righteousness.

Accessing God in a Man-Made World

There is no need to ascend to heaven--or build a tower--to find God.

Good Governance

Moses exemplifies a lesson in business ethics.

What Happened to Moses on Mount Sinai

Moses was changed internally and externally by his experience on Mount Sinai.

Creating Sacred Space

Commentary for Parshat Terumah: Exodus 25:1-27:19

The Word Made Animate

Seeking the living soul of our sacred texts.