Rabbi Dan Ornstein

Rabbi Dan Ornstein is the rabbi of Congregation Ohav Shalom and a writer living with his family in Albany, New York, where he also teaches Judaic Studies at the Hebrew Academy of The Capital District. Rabbi Ornstein is the author of Cain v. Abel: A Jewish Courtroom Drama (Jewish Publication Society 2020). He blogs at the Times Of Israel, writes monthly for WAMC Northeast Public Radio and he has contributed essays to The Forward, the Jerusalem Post, and the Lehrhaus. Rabbi Ornstein has also published essays and poetry for the Mesorah Matrix series on Judaism, at the Journal of Conservative Judaism, the CCAR Journal of Reform Judaism, the Jewish Literary Journal, and the Pine Hills Review. He and his wife, Marian Alexander, are the proud parents of Joseph, Shulamit and Vered.

Articles by Rabbi Dan Ornstein

Sotah 43

The soldier called back home.

Sotah 36

The seventy languages of the world.

Nazir 54

Flying through the air.

Nazir 48

Gritty holiness.

Nedarim 72

Did he actually hear her?

Nedarim 60

The Torah’s prohibitions aren’t enough for you?

Psalm 117: Less Is So Much More

The shortest psalm of all contains multitudes.

What the “Writing on the Wall” in the Book of Daniel Really Means

The phrase shows up in popular culture as synonymous with fatalistic warning, but it has a much deeper meaning for Jews.

Yevamot 96

Rabbi Yohanan's personal pain.