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Articles by Menachem Wecker

¿Qué es una hamsa?

A pesar de que pueda derivar de la cultura islámica o pagana, la hamsa hoy en día se ha convertido en un símbolo judío e israelí.

Why Crucify Haman?

Artistic representations of the Purim villain shed light on medieval Jewish and Christian interpretations of the holiday.

Joseph & the Technicolor Dreamcoat

A new look at a very old fashion statement.

Camille Pissarro

Rebbe of the Impressionists.

Simeon Solomon

The biblical paintings of the formerly obscure painter are undergoing a revival.

Siona Benjamin

An artist who paints from the East.

What Is A Hamsa?

Although it may derive from Islamic or pagan culture, the hamsa today has become a Jewish and Israeli symbol.

American Jewish Theater

A history of Jewish theater in America.

Mordecai Ardon

Symbols without significance.

Louise Nevelson

Scavenger Par Excellence, Wandering Jewess.