Hila Ratzabi

Hila Ratzabi is a poet, writing coach, freelance editor, and the editor of Ritualwell.org. She holds an MFA in writing from Sarah Lawrence College, a BA in English from Barnard College, and a BA in Jewish philosophy from List College of the Jewish Theological Seminary.

Articles by Hila Ratzabi

The Wisdom of Etty Hillesum

The Dutch Holocaust victim wrote: “Ultimately what matters most is to bear the pain, to cope with it, and to keep a small corner of one’s soul unsullied, come what may.”

What Were Pogroms?

Anti-Jewish violence sweeping the Russian Empire in the late 19th century spurred many Jews to emigrate and organize politically.

Jewish Ghettos of Pre-Emancipation Europe

In many cities, Jews were forced to live and work in specific areas.

What Is Gematria?

Hebrew numerology, and the secrets of the Torah.

What Is Herem?

The traditional ban separating a person from the Jewish community.

Who Was Rabbi Akiva?

The second-century sage was the inspiration for many legends and may have died as a martyr.

What Was the Tabernacle (Mishkan)?

A portable sanctuary in the wilderness.

Who Was Rashi?

The most widely read Jewish Bible commentator, he also wrote a running commentary to the Babylonian Talmud.

The Zohar

This influential work of Jewish mysticism continues to inspire spiritual seekers.