David Shneer

Dr. David Shneer, a co-founder of Jewish Mosaic (now Keshet), is a professor of history at the University of Colorado, Boulder, and director of the Program in Jewish Studies there. His work concentrates on modern Jewish culture, Soviet Jewish history, and Jews and sexuality.

Articles by David Shneer

History, Memory and the Making of Community

Each week Jews read sections of the Torah, known as parshiyot, inspiring endless examination year after year. Each week we we ...

Queering the Bible in London

How the Radical Jewish Traveler discovered the diversity of London Jewish life.

Little Moscow on the Bay

The Radical Jewish Traveler goes to a San Francisco retreat for young Soviet Jewish immigrants.

Jewish Sweden

The Radical Jewish Traveler celebrates secularism at the 60th parallel.

Leon Trotsky

The Jewish renegade socialist.

Judaism After Communism

Jewish life flourishes both in and outside the former Soviet Union.