hanukkah candles

What Are Hanukkah Candles?

The lights of the hanukkah menorah are typically made from wax and come in many colors.

Hanukkah candles are the lights used to kindle the Hanukkah menorah, or Hanukkiyah. They can be traditional wax candles or, as some people prefer, oil lamps.

What Are Hanukkah Candles Called?

Hanukkah candles don’t have a special name, and it’s fine to refer to them as Hanukkah candles. If you’d like to talk about them in Hebrew, you can call them nerot, which is the Hebrew word for candles.

Why are Hanukkah candles colored?

Hanukkah candles can be any color, but some people prefer to buy colored ones for aesthetic appeal. Some also use blue and white candles, since those are the colors of the State of Israel.

Where do you buy Hanukkah candles?

Hanukkah candles are widely available from major retailers like Walmart and Target, or from Judaica shops. They can also be easily purchased online. Many grocery stores also carry them. In a pinch, however, any candles can be used provided they burn for 30 minutes and are equal in size.

When do you light Hanukkah candles?

Hanukkah candles are ideally lit at nightfall, defined in Jewish tradition as the moment when three stars appear. However they can also be lit at any time of the night.

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