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Welcome to the new and improved We at MyJewishLearning have been working hard to recreate our site to best meet your needs. Here’s a brief overview of the changes we’ve made to support your online Jewish learning.

New Design

The new MyJewishLearning has a visually-engaging, modern design, with photos and images throughout the site. Everything from the color scheme to the logo has been completely overhauled.

Homepage Redesign

The new homepage reflects many of the fundamental changes to MyJewishLearning. It contains a rotating flash feature that will be updated with new content every day. Our featured articles will often engage contemporary events and will include interviews, recipes, and first person reflections in addition to our standard informational nuggets.

Next to the main feature areas are tabs that dynamically display the most recent blog and discussion board posts. And we’ve carved out special space for weekly Torah portion material, as well as introductory articles on all aspects of Judaism and Jewish life.

We’re also tracking which articles on the site are most popular–and we’re displaying a list of the most read and most emailed content on the homepage.

Website Organization has thousands of articles, and in redesigning, we wanted to make it as easy as possible for you to find what you’re looking for.

Thus, we’ve expanded our main navigation menu to provide you with a much broader sense of what’s in each of our major topic areas. We’ve also added the capacity to place articles in multiple locations if appropriate, and added a new topic area all about Israel.

Finally, using the “I’m Looking For…” function on the homepage and the “A-Z” button on article pages, you can search through an alphabetical list of important Jewish concepts and people.

Ask the Expert Jewish

Ask the Expert

Can’t find what you’re looking for on MyJewishLearning? Send a question to us, and we’ll consider it for inclusion in our new weekly Ask the Expert column. This weekly column is written by the staff at MyJewishLearning, in consultation with rabbis, scholars, and other experts.

Wise Fridays

Wise Fridays

Every Friday we will feature a text of Jewish wisdom on our blog, Mixed Multitudes. The selections, compiled by the MyJewishLearning staff, will span the range of Jewish sources, from the most ancient to the contemporary.

We Need Your Help

A comprehensive website redesign is, of course, a major undertaking, and we expect that it may take a few weeks to work out all the glitches, but we welcome your help.

If you come across a broken link, an oddly formatted article, or a page that looks like the old website, let us know about it by emailing

Thanks in advance for your help! We hope you enjoy the new

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