The Most Instagrammable Synagogues in the World

There is no shortage of beautiful Jewish architecture.

No two synagogues are alike. Each has its own unique history and characteristics, which are often reflected in the design of the synagogue itself.

Many older synagogues mirror the architectural trends of the era they were constructed in, such as Romanesque arches, intricate Moorish carvings or Gothic stained glass windows.

Historic synagogues often offer tours for Jewish history buffs and architecture lovers alike. Thanks to the wonder of social media, you don’t need to book a flight to see some of the world’s most impressive synagogues. A simple scroll through Instagram can serve as a virtual visit to synagogues from Mumbai to Mexico City.

Here are a few of the synagogues that we’ve loved sharing on our Instagram feed:

The Jubilee Synagogue (also called the Jerusalem Synagogue) in Prague, Czech Republic

The interior of the Jubilee Synagogue

This reconstructed tribute to the Gwoździec Synagogue in Warsaw, Poland

Beth Sholom Congregation in Elkins Park, Pennsylvania, designed by Frank Lloyd Wright

Yanbool Synagogue in Istanbul, Turkey

Shaare Shalom Synagogue in Kingston, Jamaica

Templo Libertad in Buenos Aires, Argentina

The Kazinczy Street Synagogue in Budapest, Hungary

Ben Ezra Synagogue in Cairo, Egypt

East Midwood Jewish Center in Brooklyn, New York

The Synagogue de la Ghriba in Djerba, Tunisia

 Grand Synagogue of Edirne in Edirne, Turkey

The Moscow Choral Synagogue in Moscow, Russia

The Synagoge Rykestraße in Berlin, Germany

Szeged Synagogue in Szeged, Hungary

The Old Synagogue in Plzeň (Pilsen), Czech Republic

The Synagogue of Bukhara, Uzbekistan

The Sofia Synagogue in Sofia, Bulgaria

The Synagogue Justo Sierra 71 in Mexico City, Mexico

The Great Synagogue of Rome

Princes Road Synagogue in Liverpool, England

The Knesset Eliyahoo Synagogue in Mumbai, India

An interior shot of the Knesset Eliyahoo Synagogue

The Subotica Synagogue in Subotica, Serbia

The Plum Street Synagogue in Cincinnati, OH

The Dohany Synagogue in Budapest, Hungary

The Beth El Synagogue in Kolkata, India

The Maghen David Synagogue, also in Kolkata, India

The Bradford Tree of Life Synagogue in West Yorkshire, England

Eldridge Street Synagogue in Manhattan, New York

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