Numbers 25:10-30:1

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In this week’s Torah portion, God gives Pinhas a covenant of peace. God explains the apportionment of the Land of Israel. The daughters of Zelophehad petition to inherit their father’s portion. Moses appoints Joshua as his successor.

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Text Studies

Social Action and Environmentalism

Zeal & Peace
Rabbi Howard Alpert, Hillel


Disposession of Women’s Land
Rachel Farbiarz, AJWS


Leading By Example
Rabbi Jordan Cohen, KOLEL


Heroic or Sinful?
Rabbi James Jacobson-Maisels, AJWS


Who’s Next?
Cantor Janice Roger, URJ


Land Distribution — Then & Now
Julie Appel, AJWS


  Sustenance From the Source
Michael Rosen, Canfei Nesharim


The Daughters of Zelophehad
Kevin Haworth & Abigail Weinberg,



From the Denominations


Pluralism and Outreach


Pinhas in America?
Rabbi Ismar Schorsch, JTS 


Power & Uniqueness
Rabbi Silvina Chemen, Women of Reform Judaism


A Count of Love
Rabbi Reuven Spolter, Orthodox Union


The Pinhas Problem
Rabbi Kerry Olitzky, Big Tent Judaism


The Limits of Leadership
Simha Rosenberg, UJA-Federation of New York


Rabbi Shimon Felix, Bronfman Youth Fellowships


A Time for Zeal
John Schecter, CLAL


Family and Fun


Parshat Pinhas for Families
Torah Topics for Today


Parshat Pinhas Quiz
Pardes Institute of Jewish Studies


Parshat Pinhas Challah
Julie Seltzer


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