Magazines & Webzines
A webzine of Jewish learning from an Orthodox perspective

A journal published in English and Hebrew that aims to promote the strength and relevance of Jewish tradition and the centrality of a strong, free and Jewish State of Israel for the future of the Jewish people

A magazine and accompanying website for Jewish middle schoolers

B’Or HaTorah
An English-language journal for wondering Jews, scientists, artists, teachers, and students

A conservative-leaning monthly covering politics, Jewish issues, and culture published by the American Jewish Committee

A webzine dedicated to twenty- and thirty-something Jews, produced by JFL Media

Guilt and Pleasure
A quarterly magazine containing writings and ideas on the issues of community, identity, and Jewishness in America today

A magazine for Jews in their 20s and 30s

An independent daily webzine offering news and commentary about Israel
A webzine of Jewish book reviews

Jewish Action
A magazine about Jewish issues produced by the Orthodox Union

Jewish Bible Association
A magazine dedicated to the Tanakh, the Hebrew Bible

Brings news, articles, and reportage to both the Diaspora and Israeli Jewish communities
A webzine geared toward Jewish parents produced by JFL Media

Jewish Everyday
An independent magazine for parents raising children Jewishly

The Jewish Magazine
A monthly magazine of Israel, Judaism, Zionism, and Jewish and Israel living

The Jewish Quarterly
A magazine of contemporary writing and culture

An independent online magazine of Jewish news, commentary, and culture
A portal to all webzines produced by JFL Media

Kosher Delight
An Orthodox-affiliated magazine offering information about different Jewish communities and sources

Magazine aimed mainly at wealthy Jews and features profiles of well-known Jews

An independent Jewish women’s magazine

A monthly magazine of Jewish and Zionist issues

A journal of artistic exploration of the Jewish religious experience

An independent bimonthly magazine of Jewish culture, politics, and other issues
A Jewish book review site

Natural Jewish Parenting
A Jewish magazine dedicated to your family’s spiritual, emotional and physical health

New Voices Magazine
A national magazine written by and for Jewish college students

A website about Jewish books and the Jewish literary world

Ohr Somayach
An Orthodox webzine of Jewish learning

Reflections of Jewish thought

Reform Judaism
A magazine of Jewish religious and cultural issues, produced by the Reform movement
A webzine devoted to issues of Judaism and social action

A British website of Jewish information and resources

A left-leaning magazine of politics and Jewish issues

Totally Jewish
A British website of Jewish information and resources

Virtual Jerusalem
An independent website of Jewish news and information

A journal of integral Judaism, which reviews and publishes diverse spiritual and cultural expressions of the Jewish spirit

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Lilith Magazine

Giving Jewish women a voice.


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