Genesis 12:1-17:27

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In this Torah portion, God makes a covenant with Abram promising to make his ancestors a great nation. God changes Abram’s name to Abraham. Abraham has a child with Hagar and names him Ishmael. God then promises Abraham’s barren wife, Sarah, that she will have a child.

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Stars in the Sky
God promises Abraham descendants like stars in the sky

Text Studies

Social Action and Environmentalism

Go From Your Land
Joel Lynn, Hillel


Avram’s Pursuit of Righteousness
Sam Berrin Shonkoff, AJWS


Unconditional Love
Rabbi Neal J. Loevinger, KOLEL
Hagar & Reproductive Health
Carol Towarnicky, AJWS


Rabbi Shira Milgrom, Union for Reform Judaism
Lament of a Barren Woman
Aviva Presser Aiden, AJWS


What It Means to Be A Blessing 
Rabbi Hanan Schlesinger
Smashing Jewish Idols
Rabbi Andy Bachman, socialaction.com


The First Jewish Environmentalist
Tuvia Aronson, Canfei Nesharim


From the Denominations

Pluralism and Outreach

Abram And God’s Mutual Faith
Rabbi Bradley Artson, American Jewish University
Beginning With The Individual
Rabbi Shimon Felix, Bronfman Youth Fellowship


Shield of Abraham
Rabbi Ismar Schorsch, Jewish Theological Seminary
For Your Own Good
Rabbi Kerry Olitzky, Big Tent Judaism


Recognizing The Heir
David Elcott, CLAL


Women and the Covenant
Rabbi Ruth Sohn, Women of Reform Judaism


Family and Fun

Parshat Lekh L’kha Quiz
Pardes Institute of Jewish Studies


Parshat Lekh L’kha Challah
Julie Seltzer


Parshat Lekh L’kha for Families
Torah Topics for Today


The Grass is Always Greener
Torah Topics for Today


Choose Harmony
Torah Topics for Today

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