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General Books about Jewish Culture
Theatre & Dance


The Blackwell Companion to Jewish Culture: From the Eighteenth Century to the Present, edited by Glenda Abramson, Dovid Katz, Nicholas de Lange (Blackwell Publishers, 1990).
The Jews: A Treasury of Art and Literature, edited by Sharon R. Keller (Hugh Lauter Levin Associates, 1992).


Jewish Art, by Grace Cohen Grossman (Hugh Lauter Levin Associates, 1995).
Jewish Texts on the Visual Arts, edited by Vivien Mann (Cambridge University Press, 2000).
Complex Identities: Jewish Consciousness and Modern Art, edited by Mathew Baigell and Milly Heyd (Rutgers University Press, 2001).


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American-Jewish Filmmakers: Traditions & Trends, by David Desser and Lester D. Friedman (University of Illinois Press, 1993).
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Independent Jewish Film: A Resource Guide, by Janis Plotkin, et al (San Francisco Jewish Film Festival, 2000).
Ethnic Images in American Film and Television, edited by Randall M. Miller (Garland Publishers, 1987).
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Indelible Shadows: Film and the Holocaust, by Annette Insdorf (Vintage Books, 1983).
Bridge of Light: Yiddish Film Between Two Worlds, by Jim Hoberman (Museum of Modern Art and Schocken Books, 1991)
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The Book of Jewish Food: An Odyssey from Samarkand to New York, by Claudia Roden (Knopf, 1996).
Sephardic Cooking, by Copeland Marks (Donald I. Fine, Inc., 1992).
Eat and Be Satisfied, by John Cooper (Jason Aronson, 1993).
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The Foods of Israel Today, by Joan Nathan (Knopf, 2001).


101 Classic Jewish Jokes: Jewish Humor from Groucho Marx to Jerry Seinfeld, by Robert Menchin (Mustang Publishing, 1997).
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Death of a Language: The History of Judeo-Spanish, (University of Delaware Press, 1994).
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When Boxing was a Jewish Sport, by Allen Bodner (Prager Trade, 1997).
Emancipation Through Muscles, edited by Michael Brenner and Gideon Reuveni (University of Nebraska Press, 2006).
Jews, Sports, and the Rites of Citizenship, edited by Jack Kugelmass (University of Illinois Press, 2007).
Jews and the Olympic Games
, by Paul Yogi Mayer (Vallentine Mitchell, 2004).

Theatre & Dance

Vagabond Stars: A World History of Yiddish Theater, by Nahma Sandrow (Syracuse University Press, 1995).
Converging Movements: Modern Dance and Jewish Culture at the 92nd Street Y, by Naomi M. Jackson (Wesleyan University Press, 2002).
Ha-Rikud: The Jewish Dance, by Fred Berk (American Zionist Youth Federation, 1972).
Drama and Ideology in Modern Israel, by Glenda Abramson (Cambridge University Press, 2006).
International Encyclopedia of Dance, edited by Selma Jeanne Cohen (Oxford University Press, 2004).

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