How to Find an Online Passover Seder

Celebrate the festival of freedom from the comfort of home.

18 Items to Make This Passover Different From All Others

From seder plates and Passover treats to jumping frogs and Haggadahs, step up your seder game this year.

The 14 Key Steps of a Passover Seder

The word “seder” means order and it refers to these building blocks of the ritual.

Passover Seder: How To Be A Good Guest

What to expect at a Passover seder.

Passover starts SuNDOWN ON monday, April 22

Passover (Pesach) 101

What you need to know about the festival of freedom.

Passover Recipes

Delicious dishes for you and your family for the seder and beyond.

How to Plan a Passover Seder

A simple, step-by-step guide to hosting Passover.

What is Not OK to Eat on Passover

Your guide to which foods are customarily avoided on the holiday.

Why Passover Is Important

Commemorating the foundational event in Jewish history makes Jews who they are.

Next Torah Portion


In this reading, God tells Moses to instruct the Israelites about the three pilgrimage festivals — Passover, Shavuot and Sukkot — as well as Shabbat, Rosh Hashanah and Yom Kippur. All these days shall be marked as sacred occasions and no work shall be performed.

All Passover Readings

Passover Day 2 Readings

Leviticus 22:26 – 23:44
Numbers 28:16 – 28:25

II Kings 23:1 – 23:9
II Kings 23:21 – 23:25

Sacred Time and Space

The Jewish concept of holiness is bound to notions of sacred time and space–and reaching out to those in need.

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Our weekly Shabbat newsletter, Recharge, features a thoughtful, timely essay to enrich your Shabbat. Here are a few of our recent pieces:

A Passover Beyond Words 

The visceral cries of the enslaved Israelites, not their words, was essential to the process of liberation.

Rituals of Return

My return to sacred space.

The Gifts of Darkness 

When we look at the dark future like God wrestlers, then even in the darkest moments, we can maintain a clear and piercing vision.


Who Was Asenath Barazani?

Asenath Barazani (also spelled Asnat or Osnat) led a yeshiva in 17th century Kurdistan.

The Jews of Russia

The territories of the former Russian Empire were the cradle of Jewish modernity, the birthplace of Zionism and Jewish socialism, and a major center of the Hasidic movement.

English Words of Hebrew Origin

From cabal to camel, a list of English words that derive from Hebrew.

What Does ‘Bashert’ Mean?

The Jewish concept of a divinely ordained soulmate dates back at least to the Talmud.

Regina Jonas

How one of the first female rabbis was almost forgotten.

Dreams in Jewish Tradition

Dreaming was a major source of prophetic insight in the Torah, but Jewish texts also betray a certain anxiety about dreaming.