Parashat Vayakhel-Pekudei

A Sacred Moment in Time

What does it look like to think of one day as helping us to balance our lives?

The Power of We

Everyone's contribution, and occasionally sacrifice, is necessary.

Does Our Behavior Match Our Priorities?

Pekudei: A resource for families.

Living Up to Our Names

God names Bezalel, giving him inspiration to lead.

The Value of Rest

Vayakhel: A resource for parents.

The Nature of the Cosmos

Why should we care so much about the details of the Tabernacle?

Avoiding Deification in Creating the Mishkan

If the Golden Calf was an abomination, why is the Tabernacle okay?

Six Days Shall You Work

Shabbat is important, yet our behavior during the other six days is no less a part of religious life.