Parashat Tzav

In Praise of Public “Guilt Offerings”

Because asking for forgiveness is a holy act.

Constantly Feeding Our Internal Spark

Our books, texts, and traditions bring new meaning to us at different stages of our life.

Humilty vs. Insecurity

There's a perpetual tension between fostering a strong sense of self in our children and ensuring that they don't become self-centered and egotistical.

Feeling Grateful

Tzav: A resource for parents.

Finding Meaning in Ancient Rituals

How the sacrificial system lives on.

Transparent Leadership

The metamorphosis of Aaron and his sons into priests was a process wholly transparent to the nation.

Parashat Tzav Quiz

Learn more about the weekly Torah portion.

Haftarah for Tzav

Sacrifices are not enough.

From Guilt to Action

The sacrificial system teaches that coming nearer to God requires coming nearer to each other.

The Eternal Light

The sacrifices teach us about constancy in relating to God.