Parashat Mishpatim

Parashat Mishpatim: Finding the Ecstatic in the Everyday

This Torah portion reminds us to appreciate the mundane moments.

Parashat Mishpatim: Overcoming Victimhood

This Torah portion offers a vital ethical message for a people who have suffered centuries of oppression.

Ascending the Mountain

The work of covenant involves a lot less feeling and a lot more action.

Lying, Stay Far Away

Avoid actions you may need to lie about.

Insults Leave a Lasting Impact

Insults are easy to give but hard to retract.

Fun vs. Principles

Mishpatim: A resource for families.

The Slave Wife

By highlighting the shadowy woman in the background, we get a rare, ironic glimpse of the dilemma of slavery in the Bible.

The Ban on ‘Tereifah’

Parashat Mishpatim includes a very curious law about eating meat.

Haftarah for Mishpatim

Jewish slavery and Jewish ethics.