Parashat Mishpatim

Parashat Mishpatim Quiz

Questions and answers about the weekly Torah portion.

Humans as Co-Creators

People cannot be proprietors over nature--they are not even absolute masters of their own creations.

Who’s In, Who’s Out

The ordinances in this portion emphasize issues relevant to society and the interactions among groups.

Exodus Morality

Whether or not we know the suffering of the slaves, we are commanded to act as if we do.

Letting Our People Go

Bringing us all out of Egypt.

The Death Penalty and Conservative Judaism

Beware of selective Bible-passage quoting.

Under God’s Feet

How do we reconcile our desire to see God with God's statement that no one can see God and live?

Parashat Mishpatim: Summary

Moses informs the people of numerous ethical and ritual laws and seals the covenant between the Children of Israel and God.

Murder And Atheism

In claiming power over human lives, a murderer denies that God alone possesses that power.

Critiquing Our Leadership

While it's easy to complain about poor leadership, Parashat Mishpatim challenges us to critique from a committed, engaged perspective.