Parashat Ha'Azinu

Parashat Ha’Azinu: Healing Ourselves

What is God's role in moving through life to death?

Parashat Ha’azinu: Paradigm Shift

Moses' final dramatic message to the Israelites introduces some new names and characteristics of God.

When It’s Better To Do Verse

What a shift from prose to poetry teaches us about Moses’ message.

Developing the Ability to Listen

Ha'azinu: A resource for families

Images of God

In Parashat Ha'Azinu, God is portrayed in many different lights.

Words as Witness

The song-poem in this Torah portion shows that words do more than narrate and describe.

Haftarah for Ha’Azinu: Summary

David calls to God in a song...and God answers.

Parashat Ha’azinu Quiz

Learn more about the weekly Torah portion.

Remember the Days of Old

The Torah describes an earlier time, when lands were distributed fairly by God.