Has Twitter Made Passover Impossible?

Last night, right as Passover came to an end, I ran over to the computer in my parents’ house and logged onto Twitter to tweet the following: Back from my communication vacation.

I have to admit that for the first time in my memory, this Passover, I really had trouble avoiding technology. You see, the first two days of Passover were fine. I was even able to tolerate Shabbat this past Saturday. But these last two days of Passover on Monday and Tuesday were seriously unbearable. And I’m blaming Twitter.

Over the past few years, I’ve become more and more accustomed to being connected to my e-mail and Facebook at all hours of the day. But really, it was Twitter that brought me over the edge. I love checking my Twitter feed. I love writing dumb tweets that I assume no one reads. And since I’ve purchased a smart phone, I’ve been able to feed my Twitter addiction anywhere that I am, at any time of day.

I really was cool with taking a break from Twitter over those first couple days. Honestly. But by yesterday morning, I was going crazy. I felt like a whole week had gone by, and that even though I had three days of hol-hamoed in the middle of the holiday to catch up, I seriously felt out of the loop. Out of the loop of what? I’m not sure. But it was killing me nonetheless.

What scares me the most is that my first move post-Passover was to the computer and not to some bakery to buy a huge loaf of bread for myself. In years past, by the eighth day of Passover, I was restless, sure. But it was more because I wanted to eat bread. And while this year I was tired of matzah, believe you me, I was more just tired of being unconnected.

I’m just hoping that they never invent some type of leavened bread-social media contraption. If that ever happens, it might just be the end of Passover.

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