Traif On A First Date?

To celebrate the end of Passover, I’ve only been eating bread for the past two days. Only bread. Nothing else. No butter, jelly or any other condiment you might decide to put on your bread. Best decision of my life.

Passover makes you very aware of what you can eat and what you can’t eat. And it actually gives me an appreciation for people who begin keeping kosher after a life of traif. For me, it’s easy to keep kosher. I’ve been doing it forever. But when Passover comes around, all of a sudden, I’m like a fish out of water. I have to pay attention to everything I eat, and it really throws me for a loop.

And much like I’ve only been eating bread to celebrate the end of Passover, a restaurant in Brooklyn is opening to celebrate not keeping kosher. In a few weeks, Traif will be opening. The restaurant specializes in pork, shellfish and globally inspired soul food.

I hope this is a restaurant where everything on the menu is unkosher. Like, I literally wouldn’t be able to eat on thing on the menu. Not even the water.

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