All Lentil Shabbat

This Shabbat we read the story of Esau selling his birthright for some awesome lentil soup. I highly suggest you check out my family’s recipe for lentil soup because it is one of the heartiest and most comforting dishes I’ve ever had, one that I make probably a dozen times a year because it is so good.

But if you’re not into that soup here are some other lentil-themed options for your Shabbat menu:
Lentil Burgers–these look delicious, and are remarkably quick to put together.

Dal Palak –A yummy Indian dish with red lentils
Pomegranate Lentil Soup— This looks kind of odd to me, but could definitely be amazing
Curried Lentils and Sweet Potatoes–Oh holy God this looks amazing
Spicy Squash salad with lentils and goat cheese –black lentils! This looks very elegant.
Chicken with Lentils –I’m a vegetarian, but if I wasn’t, I would make this for dinner tomorrow
Pasta With Lentil Bolognese – Never thought of Pasta and lentils before, but it sounds delicious
Lentil Salad With Tomato and Dill–If you happen to live somewhere where it isn’t cold yet, try this recipe. One of my favorites
Lentil Cookies??? I am not brave enough to try this, but if you are, let me know if they’re good!
Salmon With Lentils–I trust the Barefoot Contessa with my life. If she says this is amazing, I will add it to my list of things to make right now.
Lentil Almond Stir Fry–I am kind of confused by this, but if you bring me some, I will try it

Now if you’ll excuse me, I’m off to the grocery store to stock up on lentils. My older sister better watch out tomorrow…

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