The Hitler Ringtone

Or:  Approximately as Hateful and Annoying as California Gurls

I once dated a guy who had Truly Madly Deeply as his ringtone. Obviously there is no excuse for my behavior, but let’s move on. The point is, every time anyone called this guy I had to hear “I wanna stand with you on the mountain, I wanna mate with you in the sea…” and let me just say it is a miracle and a half that I never threw his phone into the toilet.

Anyway, I always thought Savage Garden was as bad as it gets, but it turns out I was wrong. According to Ynet:

A German man is facing up to six months in prison for having a speech by Adolf Hitler as his mobile phone ring tone, the Daily Telegraph reported Wednesday.

According to the British daily, the 54-year-old man had the speech – in which the Nazi leader pledged the “destruction of world Jewry” if Germany was “dragged” into war – programmed into his Nokia phone.

The report said passengers aboard a train in Hamburg heard the ring tone several times and reported him to police, who seized him at the end of his journey.

Emphasis mine. This makes me kind of jealous of the people who turned this guy in because they got a definite end to the insanity, whereas I actually spent I think three whole weeks dating the Savage Garden guy, and as far as I know he has not served any time for the torture I endured.

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