My Favorite Macaroon

As of this morning, Wikipedia defines “macaroon” as “a variety of light, baked confections, described as either small cakes or meringue-like cookies.” Applying that definition to JDub Records’ new band the Macaroons is like referring to Godzilla as a reptile. They’re tasty — er, musically — but light and small are not adjectives I’d throw at their full-bodied blend of Buddy Holly rockabilly and Ramonesy stick-in-your-head punk.

the macaroons jdub recordsThe Macaroons’ Dan Saks is nothing if not versatile. He’s the lead singer/guitarist/everything else-ist of the non-kids band DeLeon, and, of course, a two-time G-dcaster. He’s also played with Os Mutantes, one of the finest bands in the world.

So it’s kind of a thrill for those of us with kids (and, even greater, for those of us with kids who love loud, bouncy music) to have him and his songwriting genius in our universe.

Here’s an mp3 from their new Passover mini-album. You can listen below or download it to play over and over again during Passover cleaning. Holiday kitsch aside, it’s actually a pretty good song. “Wash it off and then just eat it, yeah, just eat it.” (That line is especially ironic because, like many Hasidim, we have a tradition of not eating anything off the floor on Passover, mindful of the danger of acquiring residual chametz — just leave it, yeah, just leave it.)

Download the song from JDub Records

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