Birthright Makes It Rain

Birthright has done me well. I’ve gotten a lot of free things from them. Key chains. Coffee mugs. Lots of Shabbat dinners. Basically, everything but a trip to Israel. It’s cool though. Whenever you feel like sending me Birthright, I’ll take up the offer. Too bad I don’t “qualify.” (Stupid USY convincing me that it was a good idea to pay to go to Israel.)

But Birthright is in a giving mood these days. Most of their grants and money allocation are geared toward alums of the Israel trip, but Birthright has created one grant initiative geared towards any Jew under the age of 30. Which is good, because I fit that description. Then again, based on the description for the grant, I probably still wouldn’t qualify. I’m just not that talented. Here it is:

Grants for Social Entrepreneurs

The Birthright Israel NEXT/Natan Grants for Social Entrepreneurs awards avant-garde ideas developed and implemented by young Jewish adults who focus on creating vibrant Jewish community.

With up to $10,000 available, these grants are aimed at making your “great Jewish idea” a reality. Fill out an application, and see if you have what it takes to create a launching pad for leadership and innovation that will shape the Jewish future. This special opportunity is a subset of the Alumni Grant Initiative and will be available for a limited time only.

The application is due October 1 (2009, you fool). Visit for more details.

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