A Few Words on Jewish Organizations

A look at the range of services provided by the Jewish Braille Institute, which serves 35,000 customers in more than 30 countries. (Jewish Week)

Professor Gerald M. Steinberg attacks B’tselem, noting that “the UN, the U.S. State Department, foreign politicians, diplomats and major news organizations such as Reuters and CNN have quoted B’tselem’s running casualty counts comparing the numbers of Israelis and Palestinians killed in the conflict.” (Jewish Week)

Is the philanthropic crisis a unique opportunity “for Jewish federations to reclaim their status as the primary and central address of the American Jewish community.” If so, how would they accomplish this? (Jewish Week)

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Over at the Fundermentalist, Jacob Berkman and the JTA staff have come up with a list of Jewish organizations that ...

Peace Process in Israel

Alon Pinkas, former Israeli consul-general in the United States says “By not recognizing Israel’s Jewish character, Palestinians exhibit potential irredentist ...

Revolution shmevolution

The editor of Jewcy, Tahl Raz, wrote on Daily Shvitz last week that he is:in the process of writing a ...