Trouble in (Academic) Paradise

Israeli Arabs will distribute 20,000 booklets on the Nakba, the Palestinian version of 1948 events outside of schools in Arab areas throughout Israel. But even some Arab Israeli educators are critical. (Haaretz)

Activists seeks creation of a separate “Arab pedagogic council” for Arab-Israelis to “exercise genuine participation and decision-making power in education,â€? similar to what Haredi Jews have, but Education Ministry officials are not enthusiastic about the idea. (Jpost and Haaretz)

Here’s a look at how some Israeli Haredi high-school dropouts live. (Haaretz)

Three former students have filed police complaints of sexual harassment against Professor Eyal Ben-Ari. Has there been a “reign of terror” against female students at Hebrew University’s sociology department? (Haaretz)

Naomi Chazan decries the nonchalant attitude of academic authorities in Israel toward sexual harassment. (JPost)

The nine members of Hebrew University’s Committee on Gender Issues resigned to protest the university’s discrimination against women. (Haaretz)

Prof. Gannit Ankori, chair of the Art History Department at Hebrew University, has been involved in a trans-Atlantic battle to clear her name of the allegations by one of the subjects of her study, Kamal Boullata, a leading Palestinian artist and one of the only living Palestinian art historians, who accuses her “of the occupier’s cultural appropriation of the occupied.â€?(Haaretz)

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