Israel’s Parties

Yoel Marcus asks of Benjamin Netanyahu, “What is the secret of this man, who flubbed up as prime minister, who suffered a stinging defeat after three years in office, but is back again, nine years later, topping the charts?” But Aluf Benn has his own theory.

Gideon Levy, looking at the “demonization by the Anti-Netanyahu Defense League,” says: “The media embraces Livni, accepts Mofaz as legitimate, sometimes supports Barak, but is terrified only by Netanyahu. Why?â€?

Aluf Benn and Yoel Marcus each try to explain why Ehud Barak is so unpopular. And Uzi Benziman doesn’t think much of him either.

Ari Shavit has a dour view of Tzipi Livni, who “does not know any other candidate whose judgment is better than hers. She does not know any other experienced candidate whose experience does him credit. The fact that her plans are somewhat vague does not bother her.�

Israel Harel argues for the necessity of rooting out Olmertism.

Evelyn Gordon makes the case that Kadima has undermined Israel’s deterrence in several areas.

Yossi Verter and Ari Shavit on Kadima’s September primary to select a new party head, replacing Olmert.

Dozens of Balad Party activists have been summoned for conversations with the Shin Bet and told to sign a specific document. Most have refused, and Shin Bet denies that they are harassing a legal party.

Uzi Benziman reports that all four of Kadima’s candidates for prime minister “pretend to understand better than the other the political-security philosophy that guided Ariel Sharon… each one takes great pains to persuade party members that he and only he (or she) is the real heir apparent.”

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