Politics Now

Dennis Shulman seeks to become the first ever blind rabbi in Congress.

The Jerusalem Post interviews Obama and McCain.
Michael Wissot makes the case that John McCain has earned the support of American Jewry. (Jerusalem Post)

Ira N. Forman argues that some of those “tearing down Obama among Jewish readers� have employed “deceptive tactics�. (Jerusalem Post)

Obama says that his unified Jerusalem speech used “poor phrasing”.(Haaretz)

Despite calls by many Jewish leaders to cut ties with preacher Hagee, Senator Joseph Lieberman continues to back him strongly. (Jerusalem Post)

Gerald M. Steinberg argues that Obama’s trip to Israel “has provided some reasons to re-examine� his image as “inexperienced and naïve, and … influenced by radical Palestinian friends like Rashid Khalidi …, anti-Israel advisors like Samantha Power and Zbigniew Brezinski, and by his ex-pastor, Jeremiah Wright.� (Jewish Week)

Dina Kraft provides coverage of Obama in Jordan and Israel (his “words fell sweetly on Israeli ears�) and how his comments were perceived by the locals.(Slate)

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