Palestinian Man Allegedly Steals Babies; Obama on the Case

As Alan Jay Sufrin says: Score one for those against interfaith marriage.

A woman in Chicago is claiming that, on a visit to Ramallah with her husband and their four daughters, she was thrown out of her family-in-law’s house, told by her husband that he’s marrying a Muslim woman, and that he’s keeping their daughters.

Colleen Davis Bargouthi, a Christian, said after returning with her Muslim husband to his homeland, he announced he was going to divorce her, and planned to marry another, Muslim woman. He also threw her out of his family home.

“I was being abused physically and mentally by my husband, Davis Bargouthi said. “My husband put two guns to my head and told me that I could pick which gun I wanted to be killed with.”

She said her husband and his family have chosen future husbands for all four girls. She fears he’s now abandoned a previous promise to have his daughters grow up Christian.

Since, coincidentally, her state senator is going to be in the neighborhood, she decided to enlist him in the struggle. According to the article, however, Obama does not plan to intercede while he is in the area.

Thanks to Alan and the band Stereo Sinai for the tipoff.

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